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Loading DXF from LibreCAD + moving to Github?

Aug 10 at 11:25 AM
First of all - although I'm just starting using it, it looks like a great library, thank you for it.

Since codeplex is shutting down, are you planning on moving to github?

It will also be easier to submit pull requests. I just stumbled upon very silly error when loading a file from LibreCAD: looks like LibreCAD writes DIMTXSTY as Standard so not a number (which is I think an error) and DIMLDRBLK is present but has an empty value (also, strange).
So I just introduced a small "fix" so that those two group codes are optional when not a number and for now it works.

I'd like to contribute (or discuss) this change but to be honest I'd prefer to do it on github, since it's more "alive" than codeplex :)

thank you,
Aug 16 at 4:57 PM
The migration to GitHub has been discussed previously.

Yes, both DIMTXSTY and DIMLDRBLK are actually hexadecimal numbers, handles, the official documentation says that they are the handles of its referenced BLOCK, but it is wrong, they are the handles of its referenced BLOCK_RECORD.

Those values, and similar ones, are sometimes allowed to be absent or zero, in those cases the default value is assigned. In the case of the DIMTXSTY it is given the Standard TextStyle, and in the case of DIMLDRBLK the closed filled arrowhead.

I guess you are getting an exception because the library is expecting an hex number in DIMTXSTY, and if LibreCad is writing "Standard" in that value they should fix that bug. Messing up with the handle in a dxf usually ends with a hard crash in AutoCad, I am not saying that this is the case but better to get them right.

If you have a dxf file that you cannot open with netDxf, you can always open an Issue, it will allow you to upload a sample dxf that I can test.