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Apr 6 at 12:15 AM
I downloaded this to take a look at it.
I opened the chm file and I get a list of contents in the tree but that seem to be it.
is there more?
is this linking to HTML in an outside web archive or is it suppose to all be in this document?
is it just a list?
I am running Windows 10 with windows 10 and the standard viewer.

Apr 7 at 5:10 PM
I suffered previously a similar problem when viewing chm files, and it seemed to be related with some characters of the folder where the file was placed or in its path. At least I had that problem when the character "#" was used in the name of the folder. I don't know if other characters might be problematic, or if Windows 10 has issues with them.

The chm file included with the library is fine it is self contained and does not depend on any external reference. But, if you cannot view it you are not loosing too much, it has the same content as the provided xml files for the VisualStudio inline help.

Apr 7 at 6:00 PM
Yes it is a problem with the default chm reader in windows 10, you could always install something like this which will read it for you. It is excellent documentation, thanks @haplokuon