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Migration to Github

Apr 3 at 9:07 PM
are you planning to migrate this to github?
Apr 5 at 6:32 PM
Yes, CodePlex is closing its doors, so I will move the project somewhere else and GitHub its the best option. Many other projects have already moved there and I will do it sometime in the near future, no specific date thought.

Apr 7 at 6:01 PM
great, thanks, it's a really great piece of work
Apr 10 at 1:45 AM
Hi, I was wondering if older version like "netDxf 1.1.2" would be included on github (or the chosen place) as well?

If it's Github, do you already have a Github account so we can follow you and get automatic update?
Apr 10 at 3:36 PM
I will try to export as much as possible, but until I do not make the migration I will not know what and how it will appear. It seems that it is possible to migrate the full source code history to GitHub, so it will be available, at least, the possibility of downloading an older commit to compile it if needed. But, I will recommend you, just in case, to keep your own copy of it, I have my own backups if someone ask for it.

Also, after CodePlex shuts down, they will maintain an archive of the published projects, at least that what they say. So, the source code history will still be available even after the closing.