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layer trouble with older DXF file (AutoCAD2000)

Mar 15 at 9:02 PM

Seems when I try loading older DXF files, layers don't follow, everything is put in the base "0" layer even if the library actually sees all the layers.

I tried opening the file, saving it in AutoCad2013 format and everything works great but seeing how I have to work with the actual file, I can't open up every file one by one to save them in a newer version.

Is this a bug or is the older AutoCAD200 DXF not fully supported?
Mar 16 at 3:22 PM
Actually found a solution, it seems in older files, the layer is not inside the AcDbEntity but inside the object (like AcDbMText), so i just added to check for the layer inside each ReadXXXX() objects and it works
Mar 18 at 5:31 PM
Read this topic probably you are suffering this same issue. It is not a matter of how old your file is but how that 2000 dxf version was written.