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License Compliance

Mar 7, 2017 at 11:08 PM
I've created a commercial program that references netDxf and uses it for exporting. I've read the license agreement, but I'm not sure how to comply with the terms.

From what I've read I believe I have created a "work that uses the Library". If I distribute the source code along with the application and display license and copyright information for netDxf along with my own license and copyright information will that comply?
Mar 8, 2017 at 2:38 PM
Yes, that will be good enough. Basically the LGPL license says:
  1. You can freely use the library for commercial and free software, as long as proper credits are given to avoid any confusion that it is a 3rd party software. It should also state where to find it so any user can get the source code if so desire.
  2. Any modification of the library, bug fixes, new features,... must be published under the same terms, and it must be also a software library. Best if they are also sent to me to commit them to the master, if need it.
  3. The library, since it is free software (free to use and free of charge), is published without any kind of warranty.