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On issue #11725 CheckDimBlockName

Apr 24, 2013 at 6:42 PM
I am creating this discussion regarding the issue #11725 CheckDimBlockName opened by YossiMardam, because it needs a longer explanation and, maybe, someone can throw some light on this matter.

As far as I know, AutoCad always uses “D#” to name the blocks that represents the dimension drawing. Note that this is the conclusion I have arrived checking manually the dxfs, I have not found any official information regarding this question. The block names that start with “” seems to be applied to hidden blocks, the “D” I guess means dimension, and “#” is a number. This is why I am not making any more checks on the block naming. Something similar happens with the way group names are generated that take the pattern “*A#”.

I am not sure if all programs out there that export dimensions into dxf follows these same rules. Internally, and because I am generating block names this way, I need to know which is the last available number to generate new block names. Actually, I only really need to check block names that start with “D#” since this is the template I am using, and there are no restrictions, besides the ones that AutoCad applies, to name a block.

Perhaps, to play it safe I should check first if the block name starts with “
D” before checking if what follows is a number, since other programs might be using a different convention. And this is something that also might have to be applied to group names.

¿Have you found any other programs that exports dimensions following a different rule? ¿Do you have any dxf that has given you an error here importing it?