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Help needed with non western european languages

Jan 29, 2013 at 11:10 PM

I have been working on allowing to use non-ASCII characters, by manually defining the stream encoding and adding the $DWGCODEPAGE header variable.

Most people will use the common ANSI codepage number 1252 (Latin 1; Western European (Windows)) is the case of English, French, Italian, Spanish,... and I can test this. What I need is people with an operating system with languages like Greek, Cyrilic, Baltic, ... to test the code to see if you get the correct characters when you load the dxf file into another program, even try to Load and Save to make sure the Load also works correctly.

Also trying to load and save files generated from differents operating systems will also very useful. I can test this if someone can supply me with dxf files generated with different code pages.

The information I am interested the most in the dxf header section is

ANSI_1252 <- THIS