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Attribute without definition


Hello Daniel,
today I found one dxf that contains insert with attribute and that attribute is parsed without attribute definition.

I fixed this in my code that reads data from netdxf. I´m not sure if this happens because my dxf file is invalid or it is bug in netdxf.


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haplokuon wrote Sep 11 at 10:40 AM

What you describe might happen and there is nothing wrong with it. In a dxf the Attribute of an Insert just holds the tag of its related AttributeDefinition, but it might or might not be present in the Block. Keep in mind that in Autocad you can edit a block after the insert is created, so if you delete an attribute definition from the block the inserts already in the drawing will not loose its attributes but their definitions will be lost.


icek wrote Sep 11 at 10:57 AM

Ah, I see.
Thank you for explanation.