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Window resizes when create DxfDocument


I'm writing a simple Windows Forms application in c#. This is running on a high DPI display, so I've had to change the default system setting from 96dpi, to about 150dpi, otherwise the windows are so small I can't see anything. Anyhow...

I'm using netdxf to write dxf files. Whenever I create a new dxfdocument...
var dxf = new DxfDocument();
the windows form loses this custom dpi information and resizes back to a tiny window.

I've traced this into the TextStyle class, and the GlyphTypeface member. Even though the GlyphTypeface doesn't appear to ever be used, it still causes a problem - if I comment out all references to GlyphTypeface in TextStyle.cs (and the other classes that reference it), the problem goes away.

I don't know if this is a problem with my app, the .net libraries (winforms, or GlyphTypeface), or .netdxf.