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Point style


Hello this is just a quick question. I see in the sample.dxf that comes with TestDxfDocument source their is a point style set.How would i be able to do this with netDxf?Can the point stile be set in absolute values as well, i could not find a reference in the documentation on how to set the point style
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haplokuon wrote Feb 22 at 6:33 PM

The two parameters that control the shape of the point entity are PdMode and PdSize. The first one controls the style of the point while the second controls its size, they can be found in the drawing variables of your dxf document.

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Darkpoenix1337 wrote Feb 22 at 9:01 PM

Oh thank you Very much, it's the first time i posted on Codeplex. so i was unsure where to post questions.Thank you for your work , before i found it i was doing it manually.needless to say autocad did not always like the output of my abominations and sometimes crashed.