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SHX Support

Jun 28 at 2:45 PM
I have some DXF files that cannot be loaded by .net dxf library. Cannot be loaded means DxfDocument.Load method returns null.

These files contain SHX references that are not available right now. Is this the reason for the load failure?

Is there any way to iterate over existing geometries on the DXF even if SHX is not available?

Thank you,

Jun 29 at 9:30 AM
The Load method, with the Release build of the library, will only return null under two circumstances: one if the dxf file is not one of the supported versions (you should have checked this first); and two there is a problem with the dxf, either because the dxf file is bad formatted or because there is a bug in the library.

The presence of a Shape entity in the file should not and will not make the Load method return null, they will be skipped since the Shape entity is not implemented. SHX files are also used as fonts in TextStyles, no problems with them; and in complex linetype definitions, which are also not implemented, and files containing such linetype definitions will load without problems even thought you will loose that information.

Perhaps your problem does not have anything to do with SHX files, and something else is wrong in your files.