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Grid problem when save file

Feb 21 at 9:36 AM

I have an issue, when I save a file and open it in DraftSight, the grid option is on.

is there a way to disable it ?

the code I am using :

           string filename = saveFileDialog1.FileName;
            DxfDocument dxf = new DxfDocument();

            // add your entities here
            netDxf.Entities.Circle cr;
            //loop trhough each point in pickuppoints
            foreach (point_f ptf in pickuppoints)

                //create circles 
                cr = new netDxf.Entities.Circle();
                cr.Center = new netDxf.Vector3(ptf.X, ptf.Y, 0);
                cr.Radius = 10;

            // save to file 

thank you
Feb 22 at 6:28 PM
You can turn the grid on and off through the vport with:
dxf.VPorts["*Active"].ShowGrid = false;