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Autocad version support

Feb 15, 2016 at 8:10 AM

From what I've read, .net dxf only supports Autocad 2000 and higher.
I have some files in AutoCad 12 that I need to parse, so I was wondering if there are plans to support AutoCad 12 in the future?
If not, how big of an effort would it be to do it myself and what would I have to change?
Are there any good resources for this?

Johannes Qvarford
Feb 15, 2016 at 9:11 PM
From the Git history you can read that the support of R12 DXF was dropped with version 0.2
3cdd7e5 ("- Dropped support for AutoCAD12 dxf files this will brake your program if you are using polylines. Important, following the way the dxf calls the polyline entities: 1. - LightWeightPolyline has been renamed LwPolyline for short. 2. - All Polylines are now LwPolylines. 3. - All Polylines3d are now Polylines. Also the entities LwPolyline, Polyline and PolyfaceMesh have their own list in the DxfDocument, before they all were included in the same list "Polylines". + Updated "netDxf Documentation.chm".", 2012-10-12)
Don't know if it's possible to fork the earlier version and den "merge" it with the current...

I wish there was support for R12 since alot of tools uses this version!

// Anders